Awards and Recognitions

L-3 National Security Solutions (NSS) is a team of highly skilled employees who go the extra mile to support our customers. Here are just a few ways the commitment of NSS and our employees has been recognized.


3/15/2013          L-3 NSS Employee Receives L-3 Engineer of the Year Award

L-3 NSS employee Robert Reid has been selected as an “L-3 Engineer of the Year” for 2012, one of thirteen honorees from across the company. The L-3 Engineers Council selected Reid after an extensive review of candidates across L-3.

Reid was recognized for “outstanding engineering innovation in legacy systems transformation via Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and test automation” that provided “thought leadership for the homeland security mission.” Reid is engineering and management leader for a Department of Homeland Security program.

The L-3 Engineers of the Year awards program recognizes the talents of an elite group of engineers whose accomplishments serve as a benchmark of achievement across the company.


3/8/2013           L-3 Named One of the Best Defense Contractors in Florida; Lauded by Governor

L-3 has been named one of the best defense contractors in Florida by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. The Journal ranked L-3 #6 on its list, based on 2011 local contracts totaling more than $143 million for that year. L-3 National Security Solutions received a letter from Florida Governor Rick Scott, congratulating the company and thanking L-3 for providing jobs and being active in the community.


1/17/2013          L-3 NSS Team Awarded NATO Medal

A five-member L-3 National Security Solutions team was awarded the Non-Article 5 NATO Medal for agile and superb in-depth, all-source analysis and critical targeting and geospatial support to NATO Operation Unified Protector (OUP) in Libya from March - October 2011. 

The L-3 team was recognized by U.S. Army Colonel Joseph F. Huibsch, NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre (NIFC) Commander, in a ceremony at Royal Air Force base Molesworth, United Kingdom, attended by Maggie Andersen, VP for Air Force Solutions, and Bill Kolloff, VP for European Operations.  


12/20/2012        L-3 NSS Wins GTSC Award for Mentor of the Year

The Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC), the premier organization for small and mid-sized companies in the Federal homeland and national security market, awarded L-3 NSS the Mentor of the Year Award. Mentor of the Year is awarded annually to the GTSC Mentor company that has worked to increase members' understanding of the homeland and national security market, increased business opportunities for small companies through formal and informal mentoring and engages with GTSC to promote an innovative, robust, fair market for all.


12/20/2012        L-3 Ranked #5 in Defense Systems Magazine “Super 75”

L-3 has been ranked #5 in a first annual list of most successful and agile companies in the net-centric battlespace by Defense Systems magazine. The editors said they took on the challenge of ranking companies in this market, which is harder to quantify than companies that make products such as aircraft or vehicles.  

The article says the data are based on “hard financials gleaned from the Federal Procurement Data System’s Product and Service Codes manual,” although it also says there was some subjectivity involved, based on the editors’ knowledge of the marketplace.   

According to the article, editors considered “which companies have a successful record of delivering products on time and within budget, which companies have shown a commitment to quality improvement and responsiveness, which companies have made it a priority to respond to the urgent needs of combatant commanders and which companies lead their defense sectors in innovation.”


12/19/2013        L-3 National Security Solutions Featured in Government Technology Magazine

L-3 National Security Solutions and the joint research partnership with Virginia Tech were the focus of a featured article in Government Technology magazine’s online portal

The article features an interview with NSS President Les Rose, and a video interview taped at the center’s official ribbon-cutting in October 2012. The article describes the partnership L-3 National Security Solutions has forged with Virginia Tech, how the partnership works and the research being performed in the area of cybersecurity.

The article can be viewed here: