L-3 National Security Solutions (NSS) has a rich history of innovation. For more than 30 years, our customers have provided us many opportunities to work as their partners to improve processes, apply best practices and break technological boundaries.

Here are just a few of our accomplishments:

  • Enterprise Support – First-ever enterprise-wide deployment of VoIP on a classified network
  • Healthcare IT – First deployed electronic healthcare records on MC4 and Medical Enterprise Services for HQ PACAF/SGMI
  • IT Certifications – First government and public sector ISO/IEC 20000 certifications for an Army IT agency and Montgomery County, MD
  • Interoperability – Support 5,000 platforms and 200 JDISS COTS/GOTS software packages at 260+ sites worldwide – one of the most widely deployed DoD intelligence support systems
  • Independent Review – Gartner cited US-VISIT’s implementation of L-3’s test tools as an essential modernization effort and L-3’s Special Operations Forces (SOF) IT network support Total Cost of Ownership as best of breed
  • Award-Winning Support – L-3's AFCENT NOSC Information Assurance (IA) team earned the CY09 General John P. Jumper Communications and Information Award for the IA Category, the CY10 Excellence in Warfighting Integration and the Annual Information Dominance Professionals of the Year

History and Timeline:

L-3 National Security Solutions (NSS) was formed in July 2012, when the former L-3 Services Group spun off its Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) and Training and Operational Support services business, into a new company called Engility Corp. L-3 National Security Solutions consists of STRATIS (comprising Civil Government Solutions, Defense Solutions and Intelligence Solutions), ASA (UK), Engineering & Technical Services (E&TS) and Global Security Solutions (GSS). The L-3 NSS mission focused on IT, cyber, intelligence and security solutions for U.S. Department of Defense, intelligence and global security customers.

In July 2005, L-3 purchased Titan Corporation and formed Titan Group to add to the L-3 services capabilities. In October 2006, L-3 further consolidated its services divisions by combining L-3 Government Services Group (GSG) and Titan Group into L-3 Services Group, operating as the legal entity L-3 Services, Inc. (LSI). Units under LSG included the divisions from the Government Service Group which were D.P. Associates (DPA), Government Services Inc. (GSI), ILEX, Linguist Operations and Technical Support Division (came from Titan acquisition but moved immediately to GSG), MPRI and SY Coleman/Coleman Aerospace Corp (CAC). Under the Titan Group were Aviation & Maritime Services Division (AMSD), Enterprise IT Solutions Division (EITS), Intelligence Solutions Division (ISD) and Technical & Management Services Division (TMSD). In 2007, MKI Systems was acquired by the Aviation & Maritime Services Division.

In January 2008 L-3 Services Group reorganized and consolidated its business units from 9 into six. Command & Control Systems & Software (C2S2) was created from ILEX and AMSD. Enterprise IT Solutions added GSI’s IT Services business. Global Security & Engineering Solutions (GS&ES) was created by merging together a number of business units-- GSI’s Homeland Security (HS) Integrated Security Solutions (ISS) and Engineering Services (ES); SY Coleman’s Technical Services and Security (TS2), Integrated Acquisitions & Engineering (IAE), Innovation Program Support (IPS), and TMSD’s Operational Support Services (OSS) Continuity & Crisis Management (CCM) and Engility. Intelligence Solutions (IS) was formed from the Intelligence Solutions Division plus GSI’s ISO business unit. Linguist Operations & Technical Support (LOTS) remained the same, and MPRI included DPA, SY Coleman’s Advanced Concepts and TMSD’s Management & Operations Support business units. In December 2008 MPRI acquired International Resources Group Ltd., and the ASA business unit shifted from Integrated Systems Group to Intelligence Solutions.

In January 2010 ISD and EITS units merged to form STRATIS, under L-3 Services Group. January 2012 saw Intel and IT work elements from GSES, LOTS and MPRI merge into STRATIS. In April 2012, in anticipation of the Engility spinoff, the engineering & technical services and Global security and solutions businesses moved over to NSS.