STRATIS - Intelligence Solutions

The Intelligence Solutions team provides relevant, timely and cost-effective, mission-enabling solutions and mission-essential staff to help national and homeland security customers manage, move and make sense of information to accomplish their missions.

Our customers include the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, Department of Homeland Security and its subordinate agencies, as well as other federal law enforcement agencies.

Full-Spectrum Cyber Operations

We work with Intelligence Community customers to engineer solutions and provide critical technical support to safeguard the details of critical national intelligence capabilities, as well as the data, information and intelligence derived from those capabilities.

  • High-Performance Computing
  • Dynamic Network Protection
  • Advanced Forensics and Exploitation
  • Modeling, Simulation and Wargaming
  • Cloud and Mobile Security
  • Network Virtualization

Enterprise and Mission Information Technology

We support the major enterprise IT programs of our Intelligence Community customers, as well as their more focused mission IT efforts through our world-class, integrated, vendor-agnostic and cost-effective mission solutions. The depth and breadth of our IT expertise ensures agile and innovative mission support.

  • Enterprise Architecture and Systems Engineering
  • Systems Integration and Development
  • Operations and Maintenance Transformations for Efficiencies and Cost Reductions
  • Performance-Based Managed Services
  • Agile Software Engineering and Development

Intelligence Operations Support

The expertise of our engineers and analysts extends to all phases of the intelligence cycle – from developing collection requirements to disseminating intelligence data and products. While we support many Intelligence Community customers every day with focused, timely support to their real-world missions, we assist others in addressing emerging threats with enhanced or new capabilities.

  • Data Fusion and Analytics
  • Visualization and Decision Making
  • Training and Workforce Development
  • Mission Engineering and Operations Support
  • Mission-Essential Staffing
  • Knowledge Management


For more information contact:
Donald Jensen
Vice President, Business Development
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Our secure communications products include a wide selection of custom and standard racks, cable system solutions, and technical support for our customers' most demanding encryption requirements.
Our single-stop-shop for government Top Secret COMSEC items includes supporting products for the KIV-7M, KIV-7HSB, KIV-19M, KIV-19A, KG-175, KG-250 and KG-245.

Additionally, we provide engineering services, such as quick-reaction prototype development, manufacturing and cryptographic training. Combining extensive product knowledge and depth of experience, we also deliver custom-configurable, secure video teleconferencing and secure switching solutions.

ISO Products
Model 366 ISO 1-2-4-7

KIV-7 Products
KIV Ancillaries Models 3014-3016-3018

Model 3030 (KIV-7M)
Model 3030CCP (KIV-7M)
Model 3036 (KIV-7M)
Model 3034 (KIV-7M)
Model 3040
Model 3050 (KIV-7M)

KIV-19 Products
Model 5020 (KIV-19)

Model 5030 (KIV-19M)
Model 5040 (KIV-19M)
Model 5050 (KIV-19M)

KG-175 Products
Model 5175 (KG-175)

Models 8020-20, 8030-2, 8035 (KG-175D Ancillaries)

KG-240 Products
Models 7020-2, 7020-4, 7020-20  (KG-240A Ancillaries)

KG-245 Products
Models 7020-1, 7020-3, 7020-10  (KG-245A Ancillaries)

KG-250 Products
Model 5400/5415 (KG-250)

Model 5210 (OMNI)

Model 5300 (DATA STE)

For more information about our encryption products, contact:
Bob Allen
Vice President, Secure Solutions
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.