STRATIS - Civil Government Solutions

The Civil Government Solutions (CGS) team serves a diverse set of federal, state and local customers. Our wide-ranging experience and skill sets have led to innovative solutions that streamline operations, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and enhance performance.

Our award-winning IT Service Management model meets the tough standards of ISO 20000. Again and again, we have lowered costs while increasing user satisfaction and improving overall performance.

Our customer focus ensures high levels of responsiveness, while solutions such as agile software development and automated testing save time and reduce costs.

Full-Spectrum Cyber Operations

  • High-Performance Computing
  • Dynamic Network Protection
  • Advanced Forensics and Exploitation
  • Modeling, Simulation and Wargaming
  • Cloud and Mobile Security
  • Network Virtualization

Enterprise and Mission Information Technology

  • Enterprise Architecture and Systems Engineering
  • Systems Integration and Development
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Transformations for Efficiencies and Cost Reductions
  • Performance-based Managed Services
  • Agile Software Engineering and Development
  • Space Communications and Launch Support

Intelligence Operations Support

  • Data Fusion and Analytics
  • Visualization and Decision Making
  • Training and Workforce Development
  • Mission Engineering and Operations Support
  • Mission-Essential Staffing
  • Knowledge Management

 Operational Infrastructure Solutions

  • Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Complex Systems Architecture
  • Enterprise-level Command and Control Systems
  • Intelligent Surveillance
  • Surveillance, Detection and Response Systems


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Vice President, Business Development
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