Value Propositions

We understand that many of the missions we support are critical to our nation’s security. And every mission depends upon information for advantage – to anticipate emerging threats and deliver success. Our Value Propositions represent our commitment to delivering the most effective, reliable and secure solutions to you – our customers and partners.

  • Leveraging the power of partnership with our customers, academia and industry
  • Enabling agile collaboration among product developers and service providers through virtual engineering and solutioning
  • Adapting to customers’ rapidly shifting mission requirements to ensure their continued success
  • Delivering integrated tools, processes and people for transformative solutions to the complexities of a customer’s information environment
  • Embracing the enduring entrepreneurial spirit across L-3
  • Realizing the convergence of cybersecurity, information technology, intelligence and infrastructure through innovative, cutting-edge solutions for critical national security challenges
  • Solutioning for cost-effective, best-value offerings to address today’s competitive realities