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Full-Spectrum Cyber Operations

We provide secure communications, information systems' networks and mobile devices, and ensure the integrity of information to facilitate trusted, interconnected, and resilient networked defense. We also provide capabilities to support lawful offensive operations.

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Integrated Security

We provide the development and delivery of integrated solutions that help our customers solve security challenges associated with facilities, infrastructure, information, installations, borders and perimeters, and transportation environments.

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Enterprise and Mission Information Technology

We help our customers manage, move, secure, and make sense out of large data. Our operational solutions, including shared services, transformation, and rationalization, support dynamic environments and ensure efficient and effective use of IT resources.

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Intelligence Operations Support

We help customers unleash the power of data by supporting all enabling functions needed for intelligence collection, tasking, exploitation, analysis, dissemination, training, situation awareness, visualization, normalization, minimization, and outcome assurance.

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Big Data

We help our customers analyze, visualize, store, protect, access, share, process and fuse data. Our Big Data and data analytics teams help government and commercial customers realize the true value of their data.

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Command and Control Systems

L-3 NSS’ Command and Control systems integrate sensors, data and other C2 applications to provide decision support for commanders in time-critical scenarios.

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Who We Are

L-3's National Security Solutions (NSS) provides full-spectrum cyber operations, enterprise and mission IT, intelligence operations support, integrated security and Big Data solutions through integrated engineering, adaptive processes and the expertise to solve critical security challenges.

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