Solving Customers’ Toughest Security Challenges

Full-Spectrum Cyber Operations

  • High-Performance Computing
  • Dynamic Network Protection
  • Advanced Forensics and Exploitation
  • Modeling, Simulation and Wargaming
  • Cloud and Mobile Security
  • Network Virtualization

Enterprise and Mission Information Technology

  • Enterprise Architecture and Systems Engineering
  • Systems Integration and Development
  • Operations & Maintenance Transformations for Efficiencies and Cost Reductions
  • Performance-Based Managed Services
  • Agile Software Engineering and Development
  • Space Communications and Launch Support

Intelligence Operations Support

  • Data Fusion and Analytics
  • Visualization and Decision Making
  • Training and Workforce Development
  • Mission Engineering and Operations Support
  • Mission-Essential Staffing
  • Knowledge Management

Operational Infrastructure Solutions

  • Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Complex Systems Architecture
  • Enterprise-level Command and Control Systems
  • Intelligent Surveillance
  • Surveillance, Detection and Response Systems
  • Logistics and Integrated Sustainment