Engineering & Technical Services (E&TS)

The Engineering & Technical Services (E&TS) team specializes in full-spectrum, integrated sustainment services for communications-electronics systems. We have demonstrated that by smart infusion of technology in concert with our proven processes, we can significantly improve system performance while reducing sustainment costs.

Enterprise and Mission Information Technology

Our Agile software engineering approach includes integration of disciplines, architecture and methodology. Our stable architecture principles and flexible software design result in low-risk, low-cost and proven performance in modernizing legacy systems. Our continuous improvement practice ensures rapid start-up, predictability, better cycle times, increased productivity and superior customer satisfaction.

We have adopted Agile techniques in our systems engineering processes to ensure the same low-risk, low-cost and proven performance. We have successfully applied these processes to large and small systems engineering projects for both emerging and legacy systems. In all program areas, we incorporate a robust risk management program.

  • Enterprise Architecture and Systems Engineering
  • Systems Integration and Development
  • Agile Software Engineering and Development
  • Space Communications and Launch Support

Intelligence Operations Support

E&TS provides a full range of services spanning Information Assurance requirements implementation through validation and remediation/mitigation. Our DIACAP Certification and Accreditation (C&A) activities are driven by robust, repeatable processes that result in on-time C&A packages with a high rate of approval on first submittal. In addition, we have established a reusable library supporting a modular approach to building the C&A packages, leading to continuous cost efficiencies.

Building on our C&A activities for legacy space launch range systems that were originally deployed 30+ years ago, we have identified Secure Software Development Life-cycle (SSDLC) applications and processes to ensure required security at deployment. This formalized approach includes phase-specific security development best practices.

  • Training and Workforce Development

Operational Infrastructure Solutions

E&TS brings integrated sustainment strengths in product life-cycle management areas, such as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis; performance analysis, including reliability, maintainability and availability, maintenance and sustainment planning and technology insertion planning. Our focus is on driving to the lowest possible TCO by optimizing at the design state to balance cost and performance, providing quantitative decision support, or how to get the "best bang for the buck" and uncovering obsolescence risk early while mitigation is low.

Our holistic systems approach to configuration management (CM) and data management ensures consistency throughout the consolidated documentation set. We drive down costs by optimizing processes through continuous improvement. Our processes are applicable to large and small CM environments and easily transfer to new contracts for lower start-up costs. We specialize in maturing the documentation of developed systems.

  • Enterprise-Level Command and Control Systems
  • Logistics and Integrated Sustainment

Space and Ground Environment Simulation System (SAGES™)

Space and Ground Environment Simulation System (SAGES™) is an ITAR-controlled, L-3-proprietary simulation and modeling product. SAGES provides a complete off-the-shelf, real-time simulation tool set for the definition and representation of any number of spacecraft/antenna ground system objects configured within a space/time environment.

SAGES supports the crew training of ground personnel assigned to command and control facilities by simulating the real-time properties and behavior of all domains and component elements external to the command and control system itself. SAGES also supports the development and maintenance of command and control software, the validation of ground support databases and the testing of command and control interface links for readiness and fault isolation.

SAGES supports spacecraft subsystem design and analysis, post-deployment spacecraft subsystem analysis for performance management and anomaly resolution, telemetry analysis (through simulation) and command plan and procedures validation.

  • Real-Time Simulation and Modeling
  • Crew Training Support of Ground Personnel in Command and Control Facilities
  • Software Development, Testing and Maintenance Support

Electronic Product Solutions (EPS)

The L-3 Electronic Product Solutions (EPS) production facility performs custom high-tech electronic manufacturing, assembly and repair. We have a proven track record of providing excellent customer service while lowering costs and reducing turn-around times.

AS9100C-Certified Best Practices
Our EPS facility specializes in producing a wide variety of high-tech electronic parts, subassemblies and assemblies. Our facility has achieved AS9100C certification, ensuring that projects of every size receive the same high level of quality service and production output. The facility has a bonded stock area that is approved for classified storage. The EPS staff includes highly skilled and certified technicians, IPC trainers and quality assurance personnel with the experience and dedication needed to ensure the success of each project.

  • Modification and Retrofit
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Repair
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Environmental Testing
  • Test-Bed Creation
  • Asset Management

Microwave Backhaul

Our L-3 microwave backhaul turnkey solutions are scalable, reliable and far less expensive than fiber to implement and maintain. Our expert team has successfully designed and installed thousands of wireless links for government and commercial customers. We can meet your wireless telecommunications needs with our low-cost point-to-point radio system that includes the full range of frequency bands (6 to 38 GHz). Our services include system design, installation, management tools, monitoring and on-demand field services.

  • Network Architecture Design
  • Point-to-Point Radio System
  • Installation and On-Site Services
  • User-Friendly Management Tools
  • Network Monitoring and Management

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Sustainment Analysis Services

We design, manage, and integrate complex systems throughout their life-cycles. Our products include Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis and modeling, depot maintenance planning, performance analysis, obsolescence analysis and sparing analysis. These products are available at a competitive rate on services basis from our Colorado Springs Sustainment Center of Excellence.

  • Obsolescence Management
  • Logistics & Sustainment
  • Performance Assessments & Forecasting (RMA)
  • Surge Capabilites for Tool Implementation

Contract Vehicles:

  • PES Schedule GS-23F-0147M

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