GSA Mission-Oriented Business-Integrated Services (MOBIS)

Schedule 874:

L-3 is a holder of the GSA MOBIS Schedule. Under the MOBIS contract, L-3 provides a full range of professional business services and for consulting, facilitation, surveys, training, acquisition management support, program and project management support as well as related products. This schedule is designed to allow federal agencies to meet mission requirements for integrated business solutions. These services facilitate agencies’ response to dynamic, evolutionary influences and mandates and enable them to continuously improve mission performance.

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Period of Performance

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State & Local Access

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GSA (Auburn, Wash.)

March 2002 to February 2017

All federal agencies and other authorized users



Set by task order/BPA

Yes (disaster recovery)

0.75% (included in ceiling rates)


Special Item Numbers (SINs)

  • 874-1 Consulting Services
  • 874-2 Facilitation Services
  • 874-3 Survey Services
  • 874-4 Training Services
  • 874-7 Program Integration and Project Management Services

SIN 874-1: Consulting Services
Provides expert advice, assistance, guidance, or counseling for agencies’ management, organizational, and business improvement efforts. This may also include studies, analyses and reports documenting any proposed developmental, consultative or implementation efforts. Some examples include:

  • Strategic, Business and Action Planning
  • High-performance Work
  • Process and Productivity Improvement
  • System Alignment
  • Leadership Systems
  • Cycle Time
  • Performance Measures and Indicators
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Program Audits and Evaluations

SIN 874-2: Facilitation Services
Provides facilitation and related decision support services to collaborating agencies or working groups or to integrated product-, process-, or self-directed teams. Agencies bringing together diverse teams and/or groups with common and divergent interests may need a neutral party to help:

  • Use Problem-solving Techniques
  • Resolve Disputes, Disagreements or Opposing Viewpoints
  • Define and Refine Agendas
  • Convene and Lead Group Briefings and Discussions, Both Large or Small
  • Provide a Draft for the Permanent Record
  • Record Discussion Content and Focus Decision-making
  • Debriefing and Overall Planning

SIN 874-3: Survey Services
Provides expert surveying consultation, assistance, and deliverables under MOBIS. Assist with and/or perform all phases of the survey process to include:

  • Planning Survey Design
  • Database Administration
  • Defining and Refining the Agenda
  • Analyzing Quantitative and Qualitative Survey Data
  • Conducting Pretest/Pilot Surveys
  • Assessing Reliability and Validity
  • Administering Surveys Using Various Appropriate Data Collection Methods
  • Survey Development

Reports prepared may include:

  • Description and summary of results with associated graphs, charts and tables
  • Description of data collection and survey administration methods
  • Discussion of sample characteristics and data representativeness
  • Analysis of non-response
  • Briefing results, discussing recommendations and follow-up actions

SIN 874-4 Training Services:

Provides instructor-led training, web based training and education courses, course development and test administration. Provides professional services for:

  • Planning, creating and/or executing test administration, learning management, customized subject matter- specific training and/or educational courses
  • Planning, creating and/or executing customized courses to include labor categories (subject matter experts (SMEs), program managers, project managers, research assistants, technical specialists, etc.), subject matter and methodologies to use
  • Offers commercially available off-the-shelf product training and/or instructor-led educational courses (in a classroom or conference seminar)
  • Web-based (internet/intranet, software packages and computer applications) systems

SIN 874-7 Program Integration and Project Management Services
Provides services to manage and integrate various management and business improvement programs and projects that may or may not be the result of MOBIS recommendations to a federal activity. These services may include:

  • Projects internal to or between federal agencies
  • Project management that connects and maintains liaison between multiple contractors
  • Monitoring multiple projects

Point of Contact

Vince Errigo
GSA MOBIS Program Manager
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.