Cloud Transition and Management Services (Private and Hybrid)

L-3 offers secure private and hybrid cloud transition and management services that maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. We help customers plan a smooth transition to the cloud and provide cloud support once the solution is in place.

Cyber Range

The L-3 National Security Solutions (NSS) Cyber Range features a hybrid simulated/live test environment designed to support both offensive and defensive development, testing and research. Offering a practical and controlled validation environment where attack scenarios and security responses can be evaluated in real-world conditions, the NSS Cyber Range provides the following services:

  • Integration platform for the development of full-spectrum cyber capabilities
  • Scalable testing environment for red and blue team “live fire” scenarios
  • Research facility to evaluate tools, tactics, techniques and procedures utilized in the operational cyber arena
  • Collaboration space for industry partners and L-3 cyber experts
Data Center Management

L-3 NSS staff supports the spectrum of data center management services, from planning and design to implementation, configuration, operations and security. We also plan, test and execute Continuity of Operations (COOP) and disaster recovery activities to ensure the uninterrupted flow of data and application services in the data centers we manage.

Deployable Mission Support

L-3 NSS provides embedded Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconaissance (ISR)/geospatial, information technology and systems sustainment support at locations worldwide down to the tactical unit level.

Enterprise IT Modernization and Transformation

Enterprise IT today is being challenged and radically transformed by trends such as user-driven technologies, mobile computing, Cloud, and everything-as-a-service delivery models. We help our customers adopt strategies for embracing and leveraging them to the benefit of their organizations. Our solutions assist customers in extending the life of their existing IT investments while planning for and executing a modernization strategy. As a result, our customers’ IT environments are more agile to respond to mission needs, less expensive to maintain and operate, and more secure and resilient in the face of increasing threats.

Geospatial Intelligence

Best-in-class platforms, secure communications, rapid application development and intelligence training and analysts, L-3’s expertise is recognized as second to none. We tailor flexible geospatial solutions to the customer’s IT environments, operational requirements, and security and information assurance framework – from requirements definition, to raw data collection, to information processing and analysis, to dissemination via desktop, web and mobile devices.

L-3 Agile Scrum EnterpRise (LASER)

L-3's agile methodology has yielded outstanding results: quick development cycles with shortened time-to-release, significant cost savings and greater end-user satisfaction. Our cloud-based lab environment enables agile software and applications development, systems integration and testing.

Microwave Backhaul Turnkey Solutions

Our low-cost, point-to-point radio system and services including system design, installation, management tools, monitoring and on-demand field services.

Mobile Technologies

Our Mobile Technologies practice provides the tools and strategies that help CIOs and CTOs bring today's technology safely into the enterprise.

Secure Communications Products

L-3 NSS offers a wide selection of custom and standard racks, cable systems solutions, and technical support for our customers' most demanding encryption requirements.

Service Desk Solutions

The L-3 NSS ISO 20000-registered service desk model, coupled with our unique service-desk analyst training programs, provide exceptionally high levels of first-call resolution and customer satisfaction while holding down customer costs. L-3 NSS service desks can support all types of mobile devices and operating systems in addition to traditional PCs and servers.

Solutions Center
L-3 NSS Solutions Center offers our customers a practical and controlled environment where next-generation innovation and solutions can materialize. The Solutions Center supports team-oriented agile development and distributed collaboration using a private cloud-enabled virtual desktop platform, ensuring security, data integrity and intellectual property protection. It also facilitates multi-disciplinary development spanning areas such as:
  • Research and development
  • Proof-of-concept development
  • Quick-reaction capabilities development
  • Full life-cycle software engineering
System Architecture Engineering and Development

L-3 NSS develops state-of-the-art system architectures customized for specific customer missions. Our architectural engineering and development activities ensure we meet our customers' needs with the most cost-effective mission-critical systems and services that:

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Maximize mission effectiveness